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Customized work, depending on your means and the event, choose some or all of the possibilities below...


1. Spectacular indoor/outdoor event, real-time creation of a grand cycle, large-screen projection, sound installation
- Real-time audio and visual creation using LDT algorithms   
- Large screen, computer(s), loudspeakers, with the possibility of mixed creation with music, dance, theater   


2. Exhibition, installation: LDT paintings   
- Real-time algorithmic tableaux (with the possibility of audience interaction)   
- Still-image panels (LDT-controlled slideshows)   
- Video panels (with or without sound)   
- Printed panels (on silk, aluminum, etc.) 

3. Electroacoustic sound installation   
- Indoor or outdoor, real-time computer-controlled sound files or algorithms   

4. Auditorium-style installation, films with 5.1 sound   
- Over 1h30 of immersion in the Labyrinth (videos), spatialized sound in 5.1   

5. Monumental mapping   
- Monumental mapping, indoors or outdoors   

6. Concert, instrumental pieces with the possibility of real-time electronics 
- Instruments and real-time electronics   

7. Digital sculptures (with or without sound)   
- 3D surface mapping or holographic projection   

8. Immersive installation - virtual reality   
- VR headsets, real-time audience interaction and projection   

9. Polyartistic installations with scores produced in real time
- Textual, physical, musical, visual, electronic scores

10. Interactive digital educational workshops for ages 8 and up
- At least one computer with large screen and four loudspeakers are required. 

11. Video installation: "LDT - Genesis and Evolution   
- Video installation presenting the genesis and evolution of LDT creations.   

12. Conferences 
- Worldwide availability of renowned speakers, tailored to the audience. 

13. Publications   
- Art books, exhibition catalogs, research papers 

14. Research collaborations   
- Universities, engineering schools, etc.


Artistic part

• Custom installation of the Labyrinth, with existing material: from 1000 euros for a small shape

• Installation including a specific satellite order: from 3000 euros   

• Installation over 3 days: budget to be specified (facility rental package)
• A digital educational installation, in a museum, art school, conservatory etc.: monthly or yearly rental, budget to be specified.

• Conference 2h: 500 euros net
• Educational workshop: 250 euro net
• Scientific collaborators: to be defined 

Technical part

The technical installation of the Labyrinth of Time can be 

1. fully "turnkey" management, 
2. or partially supported (computers, sound card, software for example), in addition to a sound and video installation planned by the host institution

Simple outdoor audio equipment rental: from 800 euros
Video projector rental of high power, monumental mapping outdoors: from 4000 euros


LDT courte présentation et aspects budgétaires

LDT courte présentation et aspects budgétaires (en version anglaise)

Document de synthèse en français
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Summary document in English

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