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"Typocrite du signe", texts collection  of the "Labyrinte du temps" - LDT poems and theater

Constantly evolving, Typocrite du Sign is a reservoir of poetic texts from the Labyrinth of Time.

These texts can be played separately (theatre), sung within the LDT scores, projected visually or even intertwined in real-time polyartistic scores (textual, musical, visual, gestural completion).

These texts are grouped into sequences, with no real beginning or end: the reader, the actor, the musician or the dancer is invited to create their own labyrinthine trajectory in this space of signs, sounds, movements, sensations...

For a theatrical or polyartistic interpretation of these texts (mastery of agogic, nuances, timbre, durations, movements, etc.), it is necessary to refer specifically to document 3, Rules for interpreting the Labyrinth of Time - theater, dance, music.

The level of reading or interpretation is adaptable to any context, from theatrical initiation to professional levels of high virtuosity (dissociated polymorphies).

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